Whilst I sit here….

…sipping on green lemon tea that I really wish was a cup of coffee with a mound of cream on top (Irish style) instead, I ponder.

Ponder. Ponder. Ponder.

It’s sunny outside and gorgeous (chilly, but gorgeous) and as I was filling Sojourner and Wicklow’s water bucket and the little chickens were all gathered around my feet I wondered, “why do I want to leave this?”

On the ride Walter and I met a couple around our age that we hit it off with right away. They’re about to take off on a journey of their own and they sent me a couple of posts from their blog that really touched me. Here are the posts:

The seed – http://www.dogblogusa.com/?p=72

Lessons from Linny – http://www.dogblogusa.com/?p=128

This whole life is a cycle-a big give and take-and as I read those posts that made my heart explode I was reminded to always look at myself and my life and make sure I’m pushing and expanding and leaping and dancing and…singing. I’m not singing enough.

We rode to my childhood home and for the last year we have worked to bring the house back to life. It has fresh paint and new doors, animals walk on it’s land making it smile in the way only animal footsteps can, and we are building a little leather shop downstairs so I can stop destroying the upstairs by making the whole house look like a leather shop.

But is this where I want to be or is this just where the ride ended? It’s hard to say because it is so much of what Walter and I want, but this area doesn’t offer a sweet little festive town with Christmas lights at Christmas and shows at the theater. Even if I don’t end up going to the theater, I like that it’s there. Or a farmer’s market. And a longer growing season. Or a book store I can sit in all day and sip tea in. I like those things.

So the latest plan is to head out to Hudson, New York for about 6 months. Sojourner would stay behind at our neighbors and I’m looking for someone to watch our chickens while we’re away. In those 6 months we’ll see how we like it there or maybe we’ll really miss it here. I have been stirring around the idea of saving up for a U.S. trip to visit the states and towns I’m most curious about. Maybe that will follow.

Walter is at the Christmas Tree Farm right now and I am snuggled up by the fire with a mound of cut out leather things in front of me patiently waiting for their coats of paint so they can stand out from the others. Right now it’s just a big mound of brown. Oh! My boots! I promised a picture of my plain-old-boots-turned-snazzy….

I just got that amazing red leather that I backed the old french shoe buckle with. It had been black,  but red gives it an extra pop. You’ll be seeing more of that red…

3 thoughts on “Whilst I sit here….”

  1. Make no mistake, Linny: The precious few hours the Kait and I spent with you, Walter and Soj altered the course of our lives. You inspired us – showed us a dream that we didn’t know we had. What you did by riding through our lives cannot be measured in words, or miles, or dollars – it is priceless.

  2. Linny, It sounds like New York is in your future. I hope that you can find what you are looking for. I am sure that it must be hard after traveling and then being in Little Bath. (Not much to do in such a small place) but like you said maybe you may want to come back to live or find where you are all meant to be. Hope you will continue to blog.Good Luck with your choices.

  3. Linny, if you go visiting, please come to Southern Illinois~~there is a cute little college town here (SIU) with just enough culture (but not *too* much) and it is nestled in the Shawnee National Forest with some of the best horseback riding trails in the country. The temperatures compare to KY/TN~~good luck with whatever you do!

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