2 thoughts on “The Making of a custom leather guitar strap”

  1. Linny,
    I really enjoyed the video, it puts into perspective how you make the items. I love to watch video’s on blogs. How are the animals doing this winter? I hope you are doing well through this winter with all the flu’s that have been going around.

  2. Thanks! The animals are all well. The chickens have pretty much stayed in their coop all winter, but yesterday I carried them to Soj’s stall so they could dig around and be chickens for a while. I think they appreciated that. Those little dinosaur birds don’t like the snow one bit. Somehow, I don’t know how, we avoided that flu! I was around little sniffling, sicky kids, too, but for once my system kept it at bay. I usually catch what’s going around…but not this time!!! Muahaha!

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