Leather Feather Wallet

I decided to photograph my old wallet. I never put this up on my site, but it’s such a handy little wallet and has served me well over the last year. It’s the perfect size. I think I’m going to make quite a few of these for the boutique in town. It holds my cash, cards, change, little papers, and my iphone really comfortably. It’s a nice size (7″ X 4″), but I can still fit it in my back pocket if I need to. It’s cut from the edge of one of my eco-friendly premium leather hides to get the cool natural edge front flap. On the back I tooled a feather.

Feather wallet

Leather Feather wallet

Leather Feather wallet

Leather Feather wallet

Leather Feather wallet

I’m plugging away at my projects today, but it’s somewhat like pulling teeth…

Studio with Baloo-3

But how can one work when this little helper is looking at me like this to play? I don’t believe I’ve introduced this little guy to you. Meet Baloo. I’ve had him for 2 and a half weeks. He is an 8 and a half week old Bernese Mountain Dog/Redbone mix and he’s pure love.

Studio with Baloo-4

Here are Baloo’s various sleeping positions today. He woke up when I took this first photo, but I had left the studio for a minute and came back and this is how the little guy was sleeping!

Studio with Baloo

And later he made his way to the floor….

Studio with Baloo-2


Must. Woooorrrrrkkkkk.

4 thoughts on “Leather Feather Wallet”

  1. Thank you, Tammie!! I’ll be sure to keep posting pictures of him! I’m so curious to see what he’s going to look like, too! I don’t think this is a very common mix (at least I can’t find it on-line). The Bernese was tied up outside while the owners went to the store and the Redbone came down the road and took advantage of the situation. She had 12 puppies! The others had more of the Bernese coloring which was so beautiful, but this little guy locked eyes with me and didn’t look away. He just stared and stared! So….that kind of sealed the deal. πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe you should be a photographer! Dog pictures! Yeah!! Love that wallet. I think the odd shape of the flap, where the snaps are placed as they are is so cool…not to mention the feather. What do you call that kind of work??

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