Premium leather eco-friendly messenger bag with vintage buckles

Custom leather messenger bag

This entirely hand crafted messenger bag was cut from a 9 ounce premium, full-grain, eco friendly leather hide (no harmful toxins injected into the leather during the tanning process and therefore no harmful chemicals deposited into the earth).  This glorious bag measures 8.5  inches in height, 3 inches wide, and 13 inches across.

Custom leather messenger bag

The 50″ strap is made to be very adjustable so it can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. It adjusts with a vintage (late 1960’s) solid brass buckle.

Custom leather messenger bag

The solid brass buckles on the front of the bag are also vintage (from the late 60’s as well) but are actually just for show. Under the buckles are magnetic snaps. This way, when the phone rings or you have to quickly reach in for coffee money, you can rip into this bag without having to worry about buckling and un-buckling buckles. Let’s face it, though, nothing looks better than a buckle bag so I had to get a little sneaky with this one.

Custom leather messenger bag

Although I still have a nice collection of amazing buckles, they are all vintage and one of a kind (or in this case, two of a kind) so once they’re gone, that’s it. The buckles pictured have gone off to live with this bag and it’s lovely owner, but I am always happy to send a picture of the buckles I have in stock for the next design!

Burnt in and painted under the flap of this bag are the wearer’s loved ones. Her husband, two kids, and a “…” for the next light in their lives!

Custom leather messenger bag

I love rivets. I always lean toward a romantic/rustic look, but no piece is complete without a little rock ‘n’ roll thrown in there, too…

Custom leather messenger bag

Custom leather messenger bag

Custom leather messenger bag

Made with love to last and hand down…

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