Leather fringe earrings

Leather fringe earrings

Get ready for summer, ladies. It’s coming. February in New Hampshire is usually pretty bitterly cold, but not today! It’s sunny and the snow is melting, the icicles are crashing down outside my studio window, and birds are flying over head. Oh yes. It’s coming.

Now, I know it’s a little early for white tank tops and maybe even for a big “summer’s coming” announcement, but I do have two sweaters here beside me that I shed just a minute ago (since my heater is set to 80 degrees). I wasn’t that confused by the sun. I didn’t run out in just my tank top. I didn’t start growing buds yet. (hm…weird? Weird.) I mean leaf buds.


(Still weird)

(I’m bad at metaphors)

Moving on…

These are duster earrings, nice and long. They’re super light, though, which is not easy to find with long earrings.

Suede weaved into a supple, blue fringed leather. Handmade with love.

Leather fringe earrings

leather fringe earrings

3 thoughts on “Leather fringe earrings”

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