Moonchild Custom Leather Bag

Moonchild Leather Bag-5

Moonchild Leather Bag-6

Moonchild Leather Bag-7

Moonchild Leather Bag-8

She loves to see the sun set and the moon rise. Some of her favorite moments are those spent walking in the woods when the trees become black silhouettes and the stars are sparkling bright above. The moon’s light casts shadows on the forest floor.

She is a moon child.

Moonchild Leather Bag-2

Moonchild Leather Bag

Moonchild Leather Bag-3

Moonchild Leather Bag-4

One thought on “Moonchild Custom Leather Bag”

  1. Really beautiful, esp against your jeans and sweater; all just goes together so well. And that is coming from someone who really has to have it “in my face” to see if things go together or not!

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