The Viking Roll

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking

Created for a chef whose last name begins with a “Z”, this knife roll looks like it is going to open up to tell a tale of voyages across the great seas.

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-8

The “Z” is carved and tooled into the leather to resemble carved wood. The ends resemble figure heads. Vikings often had dragons of some sort carved into one end of the ship. Mermaids were originally believed to bring ships down, but later the stories turned to tales of mermaids calming the waters and guiding the sailors to safety. As this tale spread, mermaids became more and more popular amongst sailors and ship builders and they were eventually the most popular female figure heads.

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-2

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-12

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-14

This custom roll measures 25″ X 18″ when fully opened. It has an extra 4 slots stitched above as well. Two slots are 1″ wide and two are 2″ wide. All ten slots below are 2″ wide. On one end is a 4.75″ X 18″ pocket for extra odds ‘n’ ends.

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-11

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-5

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-9

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-4

This roll boasts some of the most beautiful leather I’ve seen yet. I use only the finest full grain vegetable tanned leather, but each hide comes with its own special characteristics. This hide was particularly marbled which looks just incredible once stained. Especially with this mixture of deep reds and browns. The inside leather is a glorious, thick, and strong red suede.

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-15

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-16

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-13

The roll has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap as well as a top handle. The entire roll is hand riveted with solid brass rivets and hand stitched with waxed linen. The buckles are all solid brass.

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-6

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-3

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-17

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-18

Custom Leather Knife Roll Viking-7

3 thoughts on “The Viking Roll”

  1. Hello Linny, This is Jennifer Lafontaine.

    Your work is incredible. Love it. Been checking it out for some time now.

    I have just started to play around with old leather belts, leather scissors and a snap fastener. I have been up-cycling them in to leather band cuffs. There are tonnes of us out here making similar stuff. Improving my skills is priority. Is there any chance you take on an apprentice? Even for a short period of time. I would love to learn skills from a pro like you.

    As they say, “You don’t know until you ask.” I am not sure who they are but here I am asking. Why not?

    Hope to hear from you,


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