Horse. Woman.

Do you remember that time when you couldn’t sleep?

You were so sad then

You came out to see me and I knew you were coming

I remember I was eating and it was such a beautiful morning

Everything was covered in dew

The mornings aren’t usually that color, you know

They’re always pretty in their own way but that morning everything was such a soft blue

I remember watching you as you watched me walk toward you

You thought it seemed like I already knew you were coming

I did

I knew you were in there not knowing where to be so I told you to come outside with me

Do you remember that fox?

I don’t think you knew that I was watching him, too, but I was

You thought it was magical

He actually would walk by nearly every morning. I knew him well

I can still feel you the same way you can still feel me, you know

You think about my hair and my smell

I think about those things, too

I can remember what your hands would feel like on my mane

All day we would walk. Sometimes silent for hours. Sometimes talking to each other. Your eyes would follow where my ears went and with that you learned to see

My ears taught you to see

And your voice taught me to trust

You would twist your fingers through the bits of mane that grew near my withers

I know you do that still with the little lock you have. I can still feel that, you know

I’m a sojourner

I have to keep moving

I have to keep going

But remember how I knew you were coming that morning?

Remember that time in the desert when you felt me but you also felt everything else?

That lack of separation?

I know you always say you never felt that again, but it’s right there

I’m there

With you

Remember when the birds were flying over our heads, knowing the cold was coming, and you said, “that’s how we talk”

We can still talk that way

Inside the quiet that pulls us with the tides

Inside the power that makes the plant lean toward the sun

I taught you to speak that way. Don’t forget























One thought on “Horse. Woman.”

  1. How to comment on this when i know you so well and what you felt and what you feel now and how all of that can ebb and flow depending on the day or the mood or both. Your message, the imagery, comes through clearly.

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