Longhorn skull and bull chef roll

Bull and longhorn skull roll

A twist on the “Butcher’s Roll” which is usually burnt in, this bull is tooled and painted to really bring out the muscles…

Bull and longhorn skull roll2

Bull and longhorn skull roll3

Bull and longhorn skull roll4

One if the coolest hides I’ve ever found, this is a special order and completely one-of-a-kind as it’s discontinued. I could possibly get one more interior out of it…Bull and longhorn skull roll5

Bull and longhorn skull roll7

Bull and longhorn skull roll8

Bull and longhorn skull roll9

Bull and longhorn skull roll10

One thought on “Longhorn skull and bull chef roll”

  1. I am wondering what the lining of this one is. Looks excellent as always but it has a different color than what I have seen you use before. Also wondering if this one is going to TX? Love your handwriting. It is art by itself.

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