Leather Cuffs

Most of these hand painted leather cuffs were custom made to order, although previews of some non-custom designs will be showcased on my blog and can be reserved straight from the blog.

One of my most popular leather cuffs is the “Birth Flower Cuff”. This is a cuff for mothers who want to wear the flower of their child around their wrist. The flower is hand tooled and painted for you on a beautiful piece of leather so you can have your child near you always.

I also accept vintage pieces and family heirlooms to put into leather cuffs. If you have a special piece (or even one cool earring) that you don’t know exactly what to do with I can probably incorporate it into a cool leather cuff so you can wear it! Antique brooches, pins, and earrings make some of the coolest cuffs!

Custom horse leather cuffs are also very popular. Just send me a nice head shot of your beloved horse (or dog, cat, squirrel, rhino, etc) and I will paint it onto a leather cuff for you.  A picture on your desk is one thing, but a painting on your leather custom cuff is oh so much better.