Eco Leather

Clean, Conscious Creations…

I am proud to announce I’m making the switch to eco-friendly leather.

The cows these hides come from are organic by nature, although not always certified, grass fed, free-range animals that roam over great expanses of land in South America. Pre-tanning is done in South America using farm-bred mimosa and the hides are finished in the Western U.S. using plant based dyes.

The meat industry can be very corrupt, forcing cows to live in uncomfortable, unsanitary environments. These types of farms are one of the biggest sources of pollutants in the world. The mainstream tanning industry also uses harsh chemicals that leave behind monumental amounts of toxic waste.

You have to be smart about where your leather comes from and how it’s been handled.

As a lover of nature and animals, it is important to me to offer leather to you that comes from well raised, free-range cows and is free of toxic chemicals. These clean, full grain, premium leather hides are of the utmost highest quality and beauty the leather industry has to offer and you can feel good about wearing it.

Linny Kenney Leather products are made with love and consideration for the world we live in. Thanks for caring with us.